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3D Biomechanics Assessment

at Swing Lab

Improve your swing & play golf pain-free

All of our experts specialize in golf biomechanics and injury recovery and prevention. They will work with you to identify risk factors for injuries and conditioning and provide a tailored plan to suit your needs.

3D Swing

Through 3D motion capture analysis and physical assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report with results from both your swing and physical performance along with a care that will help you achieve your goals.


Our 3D biomechanics assessment focuses on a comprehensive baseline analysis to identify how your body is being utilized during your golf swing. It includes a physical assessment to analyze the quantity and quality of your joint and body segment movements, motor control patterns, and neuromuscular functions. We complete our assessment with a 3D motion analysis of your golf swing.

We then pinpoint the relationship between your body and your swing to identify how to change it to eliminate any pain you are suffering and prevent injuries occurring. Our therapists will help you optimize your golf performance and ensure you have a complete understanding of your body-swing connection, helping you play better golf for longer.

Find out more about our 3D biomechanics assessment in our video below and call or email us today to book your initial consultation.

For people who live outside of the Greater Toronto Area

Swing Lab also offers consultations and therapy via video calls.

Our process starts with the 3D Biomechanics assessment where we will do a live video call for the physical assessment and analyze your golf swing in 3D on SportsboxAI.

We’ll then design a program that will help you improve your performance and eradicate any pain you are experiencing based on equipment you have, your schedule and time commitments.

Our home exercise program will be delivered to you via email from Physiotec with videos and instructions for workouts for you to complete. We encourage our clients to video themselves doing the workouts so we can assess your form and help you prevent injuries. 


Our virtual clients receive one-to-one calls once a fortnight, new workout programs with bi-weekly progressions and unlimited communication with our team of experts.

Please call or email us for more information.

Virtual programme details

One hour video call

Initial assessment

One hour video call/monthly

Follow ups for three months

(can be split into two 30-minute calls a month)

+ Sportsbox AI subscription included. Requires a minimum commitment of three months

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