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Our Team

Michele Liew

Michele Liew, MS, CAT(C), ATC

Founder & owner, golf biomechanics and injury specialist

TPI medical level three certified

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) level two practitioner

A biomechanics and injury specialist, Michele uses 3D motion capture to analyze the relationship between your body and swing to maximize your golf potential. 

Michele is a certified athletic therapist (University of Connecticut), holds a masters in sports medicine (University of Florida), and completed her residency in sports biomechanics with a research interest in 3D golf biomechanics. 


A former competitive golfer, Michele has continued to pursue her studies in sports medicine by studying the relationship between functional movements, injury prevention and performance enhancement in golfers. 


Her interest in 3D golf biomechanics led her to working with the University of Florida’s NCAA Division 1 Golf team, NCCGA Team and LPGA players. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese as well as conversational Korean.

Kaitlyn Jolivet

Kaitlyn Jolivet, BSc, CAT(C)

Golf injury & performance specialist

Our athletic therapist specializes in assessment, rehabilitation and preventative measures for musculoskeletal injuries. Kaitlyn will ensure your muscles, ligaments and joints are pain free to enable you to develop an efficient and effective golf swing.

She uses manual therapy and personalized exercises to correct muscle imbalances and physical restrictions.


Kaitlyn was a member of the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) and competed in many Drive, Chip and Putt competitions and youth tournaments. She was also a member of the Barrie Elites Volleyball Club and Barrie Select Soccer Club throughout her teenage years. 

Kaitlyn combined her passion for sports and human kinetics and earned honours in a Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Athletic Therapy degree from Sheridan College Institute of Advanced Learning. She has also worked with a range of elite athletes, ranging from youth level up to some of the stars of the Canadian Football League.

Jesurun Wong

Jesurun Wong, BSc, CAT(C)

Golf injury & performance specialist

A lifelong golf fan and player, Jesurun has a wealth of experience working with leading institutions including the University of Waterloo, Appleby College, Toronto Argonauts and Toronto Metropolitan University.

By combining the power of manual therapy and targeted exercises, he is dedicated to helping people correct imbalances and optimize the efficiency of their movements. With a deep understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics, Jesurun utilizes hands-on techniques to address specific areas of concern. 


His personalized approach allows for precise adjustments and alignments, enhancing golf players’ overall function to promote a balanced musculoskeletal system.


With Jesurun's guidance, golfers can experience a transformative journey towards maximizing their performance so they can enjoy the game to its fullest.

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