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About Swing Lab

Swing Lab is the leading golf performance and therapy facility in the Greater Toronto Area.

We identify and eliminate pain our clients experience or have suffered while playing golf. We also work with them to improve their body swing connection so they can become better golfers, stay out on the course longer and get even more enjoyment out of the game they love.

Our facility offers you a welcoming, positive and enjoyable golfing experience and our team features some of the best golf therapists and performance experts in Canada. We tailor our services and provide a bespoke program for every one of our clients, ensuring they receive the maximum benefits based on their own individual needs and physical capabilities.

We heal golfers’ injuries, perfect their movement and improve their performance.

We help...

Experienced Golfers

Continue playing by providing athletic therapy to eliminate frustrating aches and pains that are holding them back

Junior Golfers

Who want to maximize their chances of winning a place on their dream college golf program and develop their game

Regular Players

Looking to improve and optimize their performance by working with them to hone and refine their golf swing and technique

Injured Golfers

Who want to remain active but are worried about returning to golf because they are concerned about aggravating their pain

Our process

Clients have an initial 3D biomechanics assessment which enables us to analyze their mobility, stability control, strength and neuromuscular functions. That is followed by a 3D motion analysis of their golf swing to identify any patterns and see how they are utilizing their body. We are then able to diagnose the root cause of pain that is affecting their swing and golf game and determine what treatment and movement corrections the client may need so we can help them build a consistent and efficient golf swing.


Initial Assessment

Personalized Plan

Follow Up Sessions

3D Biomechanics Analysis



Golf Swing

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