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Passion, expertise and innovation: Meet the team behind Swing Lab Theory

Swing Lab Theory is more than just a therapy clinic — we're a team of dedicated professionals united by our love of golf.

We are committed to helping golfers of all levels move well and play pain free so they can become better players and stay out on the course for longer.

In this blog post, we invite you to get to know the professionals that make up our team, each of whom brings their own unique expertise, experience and innovation to our mission of transforming the way golf medical, fitness & performance come together.

Founder: Michele Liew

A biomechanics and injury specialist, Michele uses 3D motion capture to analyze the relationship between your body and swing to maximize your golf potential. 

As a former competitive golfer that had to quit the sport due to injury, Michele has continued to pursue her studies in sports medicine by studying the relationship between functional movements, injury prevention and performance enhancement in golfers. 

Swing Lab Theory founder Michele Liew
Swing Lab Theory founder Michele Liew

Her original goal was to understand how the body works in the golf swing and eventually led to bridging the gap between medical and the application of the movements into the golf swing.

That is what we specialize at Swing Lab Theory - helping golfers understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to improve their movement to translate it into a more efficient golf swing.

Michele's interest in golf biomechanics and sports medicine has led her to working with the University of Florida’s NCAA Division 1 Golf team, NCCGA Team and LPGA players.

She works with golfers from all ages and levels from eight to 85 years old, all of whom have the same goal of playing better golf and preventing injuries.

Certified golf injury and performance specialist: Kaitlyn Jolivet 

Growing up as a junior golfer, Kaitlyn was a member of the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) and competed in many Drive, Chip and Putt competitions as well as youth tournaments.

Kaitlyn Jolivet
Kaitlyn Jolivet

Starting golfing at a young age and growing up to play other sports such as volleyball and soccer led her to study Sports medicine to help athletes prevent and recover from injuries to get back to the sports they love.

She has strong experience in working with a range of elite athletes from youth level up to the Canadian Football League.

Kaitlyn is also highly skilled in manual therapy and corrective exercise prescription.

She helps golfers move and feel better so they can translate it into a more efficient golf swing.

Certified golf injury and performance specialist: Jesurun Wong

A lifelong golf fan and player, Jesurun has combined his love of golf and sports medicine together to help transform golfers' techniques.

He also has a wealth of experience working with many high level athletes including those at the University of Waterloo, Appleby College, Toronto Argonauts and Toronto Metropolitan University.

Jesurun Wong
Jesurun Wong

By combining the power of manual therapy and targeted exercises, he is dedicated to helping people correct imbalances and optimize the efficiency of their movements.

With a deep understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics, Jesurun utilizes hands-on techniques to address specific areas of concerns. 

With his expert guidance, golfers can experience a transformative journey towards maximizing their performance so they can enjoy golf to its fullest.

At Swing Lab Theory, our team is more than just a collection of individuals — we're a cohesive unit united by our shared passion for golf and our commitment to excellence.

From our founder to our certified Golf Injury & Performance Specialist, each member of our team plays a crucial role in helping golfers unlock their full potential to achieve success on the course.

Every Swing Lab Theory team member has also been selected and personally trained by Michele through a process to ensure every golfer who walks into our facility receives the same experience regardless of the professional they work with.

Together, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, inspiring our clients, and shaping the future of golf medical therapy, training and performance. 

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