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Scottie Scheffler's resilience: Battling a neck injury ahead of the 2024 US Open

As the 2024 US Open approaches, golf fans around the world are eagerly anticipating one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year.

But there are several top PGA players affected by injuries ahead of the competition.

In this blog, we'll take a look at one of the big favorites - Scottie Scheffler - and the neck injury he's been affected by this year.


Scheffler's neck injury has been a persistent issue in recent months, notably impacting his performance at The Players Championship.

A picture of Scottie Scheffler
Scottie Scheffler

Yet despite the pain he's suffered and limited mobility, Scheffler has demonstrated remarkable tenacity by continuing to compete at the highest level while handling it with proper rest and treatment between rounds of practice & tournaments.

At The Player’s Championship, Scheffler was able to keep his mental game up while battling the injury to stay in contention throughout the tournament.

However, with less than three months between his win at Sawgrass and the US Open starting, he has had limited time to recover properly from his injury.

Injuries are part of life as a professional golfer and they inevitably affect an athlete's preparation routine.

For Scheffler, maintaining his training regimen while managing pain and avoiding further injury has been a delicate balance.

His preparation for the US Open involves not only physical conditioning but also strategic adjustments to accommodate his limited range of motion. This will help ensure he can compete effectively​ without risking further aggravation of the injury.

The US Open is one of the most demanding tournaments in golf and is known for its challenging courses and fierce competition.

Scheffler's injury could hinder his ability to execute certain shots, especially with a limited neck rotation range of motion.

That could lead to difficulty in him rotating fully and affect the timing of his rotation for the rest of his body during his golf swing.

But Scheffler's strategic acumen and ability to make precise adjustments could mitigate these challenges as he practices to prepare ahead of the event.

Scheffler's support team, including his coach, medical staff, and physiotherapists, play a vital role in his recovery and performance.

With ongoing treatment and rehabilitation of his injury, his team are all working together to make adjustments for his body to manage so that he can perform to his best ability during the US Open. 

A picture of Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

But there are also a host of other leading golf players who are always working towards overcoming lingering injuries because of the physical demands a golf swing places on the body.

As golf requires a combination of movements from all the different joints working through full range of motion at a fast speed, it can be very demanding on the body when the movements are repeated over time during practice and play.

Proper mechanics and body movements play an important role in preventing and recovering from injuries so players can remain on the course as long as possible enjoying the sport they love.

At Swing Lab, we work with golfers of all levels who are suffering from acute injuries or recovering from chronic ones, including major surgeries. Our goal is to get them back playing and enjoying pain free golf.

If you're experiencing pain when you're playing golf, please feel free to book an initial consultation with one of our team of specialists.

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